Sunday, April 12, 2009

So You Might Have Heard I'm Taking a Little Vacation to Europe...

When I first began planning my trip to Europe, many of my friends asked me whether I'd be blogging.  I hadn't really considered blogging before, but the more I thought about it, especially connected with this trip, the more it made sense.  A blog would not only be a way for my friends to keep up with where I am, it would be a way for me to keep up with where I am as well. With a trip of this magnitude - when at times I will feel like I'm constantly on the move - I don't want my memory to become blurred. So my blog is also my journal of sorts.  

So what's with the title of my blog, you might ask?  Yes, she's indeed leaving home.  A little obvious, of course, but if you google the title (and if you know me well), you'll figure out quickly where it comes from.  If you don't know me well, then just keep reading.

One caveat:  I am used to having several days - if not weeks - to write an article, but I'm committed to blogging daily (ok, almost daily). Definitely a new way of writing for me. In other words, don't expect the same brilliance you will find in one of my magazine articles. Kidding... Of course my blog will be brilliant! :)

Below is the list of places I'll be while in Europe.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Cork, Ireland

London, England

Barcelona, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Paris, France

Venice, Italy

Rome, Italy

Prague, Czech Republic

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Salzburg, Austria

Lake Como, Italy

Turin, Italy

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Cannes, France

Home... wherever that may be

I welcome comments to my blog as well as comments to my trip in general. If you have something that I absolutely must see while I'm in Europe, I'd love to hear it!

So come along with me on this trip.  Enjoy.  I know I will!