Friday, May 22, 2009

Goodbye London...

My last few days in London I concentrated on getting in the last of all the things I wanted to see as well as buying a few gifts here and there.  I went to Westminster Abbey, which I’m not sure why I didn’t do that the other day when I was over by Big Ben and Parliament (I guess Prince Charles and Camilla distracted me).  While I was there I saw the huge ferris wheel nearby.  Honestly, I really don’t get the fascination with this thing - it’s just a ferris wheel!  

Both days when I was over in the area outside Parliament, there was a huge protest of UK Tamils calling for a cease fire in Sri Lanka.  It was estimated there were about 500 protesting, and as I walked around, I saw that many of them were acting out the violence in Sri Lanka - they would wave fake wooden machine guns and act like they were beating other members in the crowd.  Many of them wore bandages with what was to look like blood on it around their heads and bodies.  I found it all really interesting to watch, and I couldn’t help but take some pictures.  Speaking of, look closely at the very first one and see if anyone/anything looks out of place.  Granted, I don't know much about what is going on in Sri Lanka, but it's like this guy stumbled into the wrong protest.  "One of these things is not like the other..."  

I also went to Buckingham Palace and watched the changing of the guard, which I had seen when I was 17 but didn’t have much recollection.  I had a pretty good spot in front of the gates.  The band played movie theme songs.  I found this so odd.  Indiana Jones.  Star Wars.  When they played Copacabana, though, I completely cracked up.



Later I walked around Green Park (I don’t know if Alyson C. or Kenny are reading this blog, but if so, do you remember going to Green Park on our “free day” - after going to the Hard Rock Cafe... it was so 1992!) right beside Buckingham Palace.  I went to Piccadilly Circus, which is kind-of a miniature Times Square, as well as back to Harrod’s and took pictures of the Food Halls.  My pictures don’t do them justice.  

Wednesday afternoon I left London to fly to Barcelona.  I loved London.  It’s definitely among my favorite cities, though I did remember how much I loved it from when I was here before.  It will be very interesting for me to note my impressions of all the different cities I visit and how they compare to each other, especially considering that I’m primarily visiting big cities on this trip, with the exception of my last month in Europe - Lake Como, Turin, Monaco and Cannes.  In case anyone is keeping score at home, London is in the lead - over Belfast, Dublin and Cork.

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